Memorial pet portraits to celebrate your pet’s life and love


“My aim is to create a beautiful heirloom of your pet that makes you feel as though they are still in the room with you- if not physically, then certainly in your heart.”

Painting my own dog’s memorial portrait

Goldie and our family had 16 glorious years together. She kept us laughing with her terrier-ific habits. Shrill barking outside the shops, climbing trees, chasing water dragons at the river, digging holes at the beach, and always on the search for food. OMG I loved that dog! She was funny, courageous and kind.

As she grew older, her senses declined, as most dogs do - but she became even more sweet and lovable in her forgetful, simple way. She never complained and always had her love of walks and food.

Like most dog owners, I was shocked at how much I grieved Goldie’s loss when she passed away in 2018. It was a huge hole in my heart.


Goldie’s Memorial Portrait

It took me a few months before I could tackle painting her memorial portrait. When I paint, I spend a lot of time talking to the animal and getting to know them as their image grows on my canvas. But when I started working on Goldie’s portrait, I discovered that it was so healing. I started remembering all those fun times we had together, and all the love she gave me, and as the painting emerged, I felt like she was back with me.

It would be an absolute honor for me to help you remember your beloved friend whom you miss so much.


Charlie was so dearly missed after he passed away.

His memorial portrait is helping to heal his mum’s sad heart.


Old Max’s memorial portrait celebrates his gentle nature and loving heart


Poppy was her mum’s special little friend. Her memorial portrait is helping to keep her memory alive.