Frequently Asked Questions


How long after ordering will I receive my portrait ?

The time it takes for me to have your portrait painted and dry enough to post depends on my painting schedule, and the materials used. Each portrait takes many hours to paint, but usually allow 4 weeks to receive your order. Oil paint needs at least two weeks to dry enough to safely ship. If you would like a quicker turn around, an acrylic painting may be a better fit for you.

Christmas commissions are very popular so it is recommended to order your Christmas gifts early. I will inform you of when I will be able to ship your portrait in our initial conversations.

 Can you paint my portrait in time for my loved ones birthday?

My paintings are booked on a first come, first served basis and can take up to a month for the oil paint to be dry enough for shipping. It is always best to order well in advance for special occasions. However, if you do need a painting in an elevated I time span, send me your request via my contact form and we can chat about whether or not I can accommodate your needs.

Gift vouchers may also be an option in this situation.

Can you paint more than two pets in one portrait?

Yes you can. As long as your photos are clear enough for me to see the details. Multiple portraits are only available in the larger sizes. Send me your request via my contact form, and we will talk about your ideas.

Can I get a different size portrait to the ones on the website?

Sure. I have access to many different canvas sizes. Send me your request via my contact form, and we will talk about your ideas.

What kind of photos work best for a painting?

Images that have beautiful lighting, describe your pet in a typical pose for his personality and have plenty of detail are best. The better the reference pic - the better the portrait. Check out my page on photographing your pet here. Obviously it is not always possible to have the perfect photo- especially if your fur-baby has passed away. I want you to have that memory and will do my best to accommodate as much as possible. Send me a message via the contact form and we can chat about what is possible. When you send me your photos after we start chatting, send me as many pics as you like - I love looking at my client’s pet photos, as it gives me a better understanding of their pet’s personality and specific colouring that a single photo may not show.

How do I take a good photo of my pet?

Refer to my photography tips here

Do the photos you use have to be mine?

If you did not take the photos yourself, you need to have permission for me to use them from the person who has copyright ownership on them.

How do I book a portrait?

Start by sending me a message via the contact form. I will get back to you soon and we can start planning your portrait.

How do I pay for my portrait?

After we have agreed on a composition I will send you my banking deals for direct transfer for the deposit. Credit card payment is also available. Once payment is cleared, I will begin work on your painting. After you have approved the finished artwork, final payment is due. Once cleared, your painting will be packed safely and shipped.

Do you have any payment plans available for custom portraits?

I’m always happy to discuss individual needs for payment of pet portraits.

Can I return my artwork?

I do not accept returns on commissioned artwork.