Oberon's Custom Dog Portrait

Custom pet portrait from photos of Black Shih-Poo puppy with hair over his eyes standing in Autumn leaves. Hand painted in acrylics by Australian Pet portrait artist Opal Pastro in Bellingen, Coffs Coast, NSW

I’m really happy today because I finally got to deliver Oberon’s Custom Portrait.

I photographed Oberon a couple of months back. He was commissioned to be a surprise birthday gift for my client’s wife’s birthday. There was not a lot of time to get the painting done in time for the birthday, so I drove up the mountain the next day to photograph Obie and meet his family. Unfortunately my client was not well enough to see me, so he had to break his wife’s birthday surprise so she could help me photograph Obie and be the contact for the portrait. Email addresses and contacts were shared. Deposit paid and all were happy to go ahead. I got to work straight away and completed it on time.

A strange thing happened though. Whenever I tried to contact the recipient of the portrait to show her updates, and then the final painting, I got no response. I sent via email, text and phone. Messages were saying they had arrived. I knew my client was very unwell so I hope that all was OK in their world and hopefully she would contact me to collect her birthday present.

Fast forward a couple of months and I did get a phone call wondering if I had completed her painting yet. Thankfully I could finally connect with her and discuss the work. Turns out the settings on her phone were blocking my name in her contacts so she didn’t receive any of my messages. I was so relieved to hear from her, as I looked very unprofessional by not doing the work. I do my very best to accommodate my client’s and give them the best portrait and service that I can, and I really wanted her to be able to enjoy her painting of her dog. The lesson for me here is to ensure that I do a test message between me and my future clients to make sure that the technologies we depend upon to communicate with each other-ie our smart phones actually work.

Thankfully she now has her birthday gift of a lovely custom painting of her sweet Shih-Poo puppy with all his baby hair. As for Oberon, he has since had a haircut and now you can see his eyes.

I’m glad I got to paint him with his long hair, because it’s not often you get to paint a dog with no eyes!

Hand painted custom dog painting of Black Shih-Poo by Australian pet portrait artist, Opal Pastro